Monday, November 16, 2015

Tree Of Savior Closed Beta test 2

If you haven't heard about Tree of Savior it is a remake of our favorite game Ragnarok Online. This one is actually a really close to Ragnarok Online remake and actually feels like the game. Currently the English version of the game is being hosted by IMCgames. In Korea open beta is set to December while the English version still has a closed beta 3 which will be happening some time after the end of November which is when closed beta 2 will be shutting down.

The game itself still needs a good amount of work to be polished like we hope it to be. But the developer is really looking for this to be a successful game. So I doubt they would do anything to ruin the game especially since they have the same developers who worked on Ragnarok Online on the development team. So we can expect a really amazing game when it is released.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second Emulator

With Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second coming out to english servers this week many people might be interested in will there be a opened source emulator for the game. Currently there are no active Ragnarok Online 2 emulators that are Legend of the Second With that being said I have found a somewhat usable source which I have considered building a team to work on making an open source Ragnarok Online 2 emulator. Is coded in C# and everything is neat and organized thus far. I'm looking for coders that might be interested in working on a Ragnaork Online 2 emulator.

If you think you might be interested on possibly working on a project for an open source RO2 emulator based off Legend of the Second feel free to send me a PM with your email or comment with a way for me to contact you. I plan on hosting a server for testing a nice subversion of course developers choice and a forum.

If you have not seen Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second open beta advertisement or could find a working download you can download it from this torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A4DECE5F4AAE36CAE6EAF52529A7925FCE96AFE9&dn=Ragnarok2_ver1.2.exe&tr=http%3a//

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome Ragnarok Online Fan's

If you are like myself you might have played Ragnarok Online in the past and might be wondering exactly what renewal is. Especially if you have recently thought about joining Ragnarok Online again. So today I'll go over some of the feature changes which happened during renewal and what you can expect from your favorite mmorpg.

Renewal is a revamp of the orignal Ragnarok Online game of course that includes:
  •  Skill changes.
  •  How stats effect your character.
  • The amount of experience gained from monsters.
  • The level limits.
  • Some monster locations have also changed.
  • Classes Expand more into 3rd classes.
Currently every official Ragnarok Online server has been upgraded to renewal and each one has different settings depending on the choice of the country that is running that server. Korea has the most strict system out of all of the servers including major edits to the way that item's are dropped and obtained. Once you out level monsters the drop rate is painfully decreased on KRO. This also works the same way with monster's level and how much experience is gained. If you are more then ten levels lower then a monster you will find the monsters give only 40% of the experience that they normally give. But if you are in the ten to six level's lower the amount of experience gained is increased over 100% and higher. And if you are six levels higher or more the experience starts to drop under 100% until you hit a level of 30 were the experience is only 10% .

As for the drop pentalties they have been removed from iro so you will not have to worry about them. But in the event that iro changes them they would work in the same way as above. The stats changed by a lot and with that all of the gear also was changed to fit the new defense and attack bonus's.

Strength (STR) *
  • 1 stat point of STR increases status physical attack power by 1
  • 1 stat point of STR increases weight limit by 30
Agility (AGI)
  • 1 stat point of AGI increases flee rate by 1
  • 5 stat points of AGI increases status defense by 1
  • Each stat point of AGI increases attack speed (ASPD) by a good amount
Vitality (VIT)
  • 1 stat point of VIT increases Max HP by 1%
  • 1 stat point of VIT increases recovery rate by 2%
  • 2 stat points of VIT increases status defense by 1
  • 5 stat points of VIT increases status magic defense by 1
Intelligence (INT)
  • 1 stat point of INT increases status magic attack by 1.5
  • 2 stat points of INT increases status magic defense by 1
  • Each stat point of INT decreases variable cast time by about half the amount DEX does.
Dexterity (DEX) *
  • 1 stat point of DEX increases hit rate by 1
  • 5 stat points of DEX increases status magic defense by 1
  • 5 stat points of DEX increases status magic attack by 1
  • 5 stat points of DEX increases status physical attack power by 1
  • Each stat pont of DEX increases attack speed (ASPD) by a very small amount
  • Each stat point of DEX Decreases cast time by a decent amount
Luck (LUK)
  • 1 stat point of LUK increases CRIT by 0.3
  • 3 stat points of LUK increases status physical attack power by 1
  • 3 stat points of LUK increases status magical attack power by 1
  • 3 stat points of LUK increases hit by 1
  • 5 stat points of LUK increases flee by 1
  • 10 stat points of LUK increases perfect dodge by 1
Base Level
  • 1 level increases HIT rate by 1
  • 1 level increases FLEE rate by 1
  • 2 levels increases status DEF by 1
  • 4 levels increases status ATK by 1
  • 4 levels increases status MATK by 1
  • 4 levels increases status MDEF by 1
* While using Guns, Bows, Whips and Musical Instruments, the amount increased in physical attack power from DEX and STR are swapped, 
making DEX the primary damage stat.

As you can see from above there has been many changes with the stat points and how they affect a character. This also includes spells like for example heal which can now be effected by how much critical rate a character has and making there heal go over the normal amount of healing. How much the stat points cost per level is around the same from 1 to 99 but above level 99 the cost is much higher:

  • 100 -> 104: 16 points each
  • 105 -> 109: 20 points each
  • 110 -> 114: 24 points each
  • 115 -> 119: 28 points each

  • Weapon upgrade forumla's have changed as well as forumla's for attack speed. So the amount of skills that have been modified is a very large amount. Weapon's can now be upgraded over +10 now they can be upgraded to +20 the amount of attack power for each upgrade has also been changed. And how much defense someone can obtain has also been increased and now can go over the traditional amount of defense which was 100.

    Skills also have had major changes done to them like global cooldown's and fixed cooldown's making it more similar to games like world of warcraft with how the skills work and not being able to spam them as quickly. Which still manages to keep the balance in player vs player situations since there are many skills which cause a lot of damage or cover a large area effect.

    The monster spawn locations also faced big changes along with the change of how much experience is gained since the monster level is different for each area many monsters were moved from there current locations to fit the new leveling system. Ive included a picture of some of the new spawn locations.

    The last major change was the addition of the 3rd classes these new classes are built based on the new renewal system so they are pretty balanced for the most part. Although if they were added to a pre renewal version of Ragnarok Online there would be over powered so they do not belong in the earlier versions of Ragnarok Online unless you like the imbalance they would bring since there damage would be over powered. In renewal they are properly balanced for player verses player and they are still working on improving them in what is known as the balancing patch.

    Out of all of the new updates I feel that renewal is not as bad as most people thought it would be but it can still be polished yet like any game that releases something new. I was worried that it would cause major imbalance or that they would ruin the game like they did with Ragnarok Online 2: Legend Of The Second. But so far it seems that Ragnarok still will be the favorite out of all mmorpg's.