Monday, November 16, 2015

Tree Of Savior Closed Beta test 2

If you haven't heard about Tree of Savior it is a remake of our favorite game Ragnarok Online. This one is actually a really close to Ragnarok Online remake and actually feels like the game. Currently the English version of the game is being hosted by IMCgames. In Korea open beta is set to December while the English version still has a closed beta 3 which will be happening some time after the end of November which is when closed beta 2 will be shutting down.

The game itself still needs a good amount of work to be polished like we hope it to be. But the developer is really looking for this to be a successful game. So I doubt they would do anything to ruin the game especially since they have the same developers who worked on Ragnarok Online on the development team. So we can expect a really amazing game when it is released.

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